R&D Center

R&D headquarter (R&D center I)

  • We offer highest quality Custom Synthesis and Contract Research Services
  • With 2050 square meters fully equipped laboratory
  • problem-solving in the areas of natural product synthesis, medicinal chemistry, synthetic biology and drug discovery
  • R&D labs have three sub-divisions: synthetic medicinal chemistry, protein engineering, microbial fermentation process

Our synthetic chemists are experts in SAR and parallel synthesis. We can synthesize custom libraries following your design and procedures, or design the libraries using our lead-optimization expertise. We can synthesize a wide variety of intermediates and building blocks. Just provide us with structures and synthetic procedures of the compounds you need. If you do not have synthetic procedures, no problem, we will develop them for you. We have a capacity for large scale synthesis of custom compounds, intermediates and building blocks. The R&D Labs guaranties the highest quality and purity of our products. We will provide you with analytical data (NMR, LC-MS, HPLC) for every compound you order from us.